About Artist

Y. S. Ichiki

Artist and multipotentialite, interested in possibilities of creativity.
Born and raised in Japan. Studied in Japan and the U.S.A.

Ichiki is a self-taught artist and resumed her creative activities, including visual and performing arts, a few years ago after a gap. She enjoys being involved in various forms of art because she can feel that she is living her own life through them. Also, she attempts to reach a state of flow through her creative work and seeks opportunities to feel resonance through collaboration with other artists and other creative fields.

Recently, she is most passionate about a technique she developed and named “Flower Cells”. She discovered this technique by accident while working with fluid acrylic paints and is still working on improving it. For a work to be successful, various elements must be in optimal condition. For this reason, the success rate is currently less than 10%, and successful works are rare. Beyond the many failed attempts, “Flower Cells” appear on the canvas. It is a beauty that can never be recreated in the same way again.

(As of September 1, 2021)